The Magnificent Maggnom Opus

While on a casual holiday to the Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans, four members of a rock band meet a woman that is the epitome of contradiction. Roller derby queen, artist, mother, and self-titled slut, Maggnom Opus is beyond definition. She is funny, friendly, and full of mischief; and she gives more of herself than anyone expects… as long as they do not ask her about her past.

Mr. Bix & Mother Bear

Sometimes the war can sneak up on you…

Jackson Pratt’s world has gone askew since the Segregare Party took over the country. The economy has tanked, food has become scarce, and the newly-implemented Social Ranking Scale keeps the citizenry frightened and impotent. It is for this reason Jackson lends his fading celebrity status to the big rally in Washington DC. Then the Feds open fire on the crowd.

In a panic, Jackson stows away in a stranger’s truck and soon finds himself in an unfamiliar place where everyone is apathetic at best, sadistic at worst. He is abducted, beaten, and tortured. He all but gives up on life until an old friend promises to get him home safely. Along the way, however, he realizes nobody is getting out of this situation unharmed, not the country, not his friend, and especially not himself.