Websites Are a PITA

This particular blog post is to be an “old man yells at a cloud” moment for me, but dang I need to get it out.

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For some reason I have two WordPress accounts; one I pay for and the other is free.

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I have to be honest here, I don’t know why I have two accounts. I set up the free one first just so I could pay and get my personal account, but something went wonky.

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The website you are currently viewing, dear reader, is the one I use for building my platform. The free one is blank and, quite frankly, as useful as tits on a bull.

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The real issue is that this free site often causes WordPress a heafty amount of confusion as to which account I should be able to edit. *

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It takes some finagling and sweet talk into my computer’s microphone jack to get it to let me into my own website.

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But, I’m in!

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I have to update the shit out of this page, as it is so out of date it’s practically a time capsule.

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So, to my ten or so subscribers: I’m working on it. There should be regular updates from now on. Currently I’m going to try to get something up once per week on Wednesdays, since that’s the laziest day I have.

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But you just know that life will sometimes will get in the way. This Whole Having a Job Thing Is Really Getting in The Way of  Me Living My Best Life: Blank Lined Journal to Write in For Work or Office  Funny Notebooks for
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* I fully admit it may all be a PEBKAC error.

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