Writing Around New Orleans Author Event Review

Writing and Self-Publishing Workshop

Ellen Emerson Brown
Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Milton H. Latter Memorial Library
5120 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans

The Milton H. Latter Memorial Library,  located in the heart of the Uptown community, is a gorgeous, renovated 1907 neo-Italianate mansion. It is a pure pleasure simply being in a space with this much history and character.

I came to the Latter library to attend a Writing and Self-Publishing Workshop lead by Ellen Emerson Brown, author of “Milligan’s Wharf, a Retrospective.” I had not read her work, but I am always open to meet other authors and learn all I can about the world of self-publishing. However, I do believe that this particular event might have been grossly misnamed.

The name of the event should be, “Mulligan’s Wharf, a Retrospective of family and faith.” You see, Ms. Emerson Brown is rather devout in her religion and tends to equate everything back to that; and there is nothing wrong with that. However, to classify this talk as a workshop of any kind is just wrong. We did no workshopping. There was some back and forth discussion, and in the last five minutes we briefly discussed self-publishing (mostly talked about KDP Select, formerly Create Space), but I would hardly call it a self-publishing workshop.

That being said, Ms. Emerson Brown is a lovely person and was very pleasant to talk to. I honestly have nothing disparaging to say about her personally. I only wished the title and description of her talk could have been more accurate, so that I could have made an informed decision.

If you are interested in perusing through her book, “Mulligan’s Wharf, a Retrospective,” you can find it on Amazon here.